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   "It all started out as doodles. I actually never liked my art classes in high school because I was only interested in drawing cartoons and anime. Over time a lot of my friends would go on to ask me if I would become an artist when I grew up and I was like heck no, they don't make any money! Then there I was in my first year of college, failing microeconomics in a fast track program. I figured that numbers just weren't my thing and changed my major from Business Management to Kinesiology to become a physical therapist. It was interesting but my only objective was the salary. I didn't really have the heart for it. I was able to get pretty good grades but pretty good doesn't get you anywhere in the PT world. ⠀

   Depressed and stressed about what I needed to do with my life I took career counseling and therapy. It was life changing. During that same time I was taking Intro to Drawing as my art elective and was blown away by what I was able to achieve. I never pushed myself to do such things like still-life drawings. With the help of my counselor I finally decided to shift my direction completely and go towards the unknown. I even came out of the closet. ⠀

   Changed my major to Art and soon after added Psychology as my minor. I never looked back since. I still think it's the best thing I could have done considering the amazing professors I got the pleasure to learn the vast many techniques, skills, and mediums from." ⠀


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