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"My love story with ceramics briefly goes a little like this- 

It was my last year of college and I had finished all my requirements. 

I was free to take classes that I was just interested in, no pressure. With that, I took 'Ceramics I' my last semester and I fell in love. The timing couldn't have been more devastating as I dove head over heels over this beautifully therapeutic and expensive hobby. School was the perfect place to create ceramics considering all they had all the equipment necessary: wheels, kilns, glazes, tools, shelves, dry rooms, slab rollers, you name it! Once I graduated I felt like there was no way I could do ceramics again unless I go back to school for it. Fast forward two years later and I still have this aching urge to play with mud again. I bit the bullet and started a membership at a community studio and have been going religiously since."

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